One Step Forward, Twenty Steps Back

Well, the ALP finally appears to have finally realised that its not the 1950s anymore, and that everyone no longer eats Vegemite, considers Aborigines “fauna”, and checks to see if there are any Reds under the bed before enjoying a good snooze, as it has finally incorporated equal marriage rights into its platform. Funny, with all this economic “modernisation” (i.e. preparing the way for austerity capitalism) they are always blathering about, you might expect their social policy to have “modernised” along with the times more quickly, given the solid and consistent majority support for equal marriage rights in recent years. However, with perhaps the only worthwhile reform to have been reluctantly made by Labor during the whole Gillard administration, it then does what is characteristic of the modern day Labor Party, and takes enormous retrograde steps backwards- and approves the sale of uranium to India, a surefire way to ensure global stability and cease the evil of nuclear weapon proliferation. Not to speak of the callous inhumanity of Labor’s refugee policy, which almost makes John HoWARd appear like a bleeding heart softie for refugees. Ah yes, the Labor Party, moving forward into a bright future by proving itself to be just as loyal a servant of the ruling class as the Liberals. Well done, old chaps!


Occupiers of the World, Unite!

Who woulda thunk it. The worldwide occupy movement is still in its infancy, yet they are not afraid to discuss any ideology, its faults and merits, its historical significance and whether it can pave a way to get out of this capitalist crisis. They must be congratulated for their open mindedness. In Occupy Chicago, they had a discussion session about the Communist Manifesto- and far from the audience running yelling and screaming as the evil thoughts of socialism gobbled up their delicate brains, they treated the speaker with respect and listened attentively. What more could one ask for?

Investment Bankers Love The Chinese Communist Party.

In what could perhaps be a severe blow to the reputations of investment bankers everwhere, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, an international investment banker and corporate strategist, gurgles, once again, with pleasure over China’s one party dictatorship.

 It’s something he’s quite renowned for. Why? Well, that’s quite simple- because it serves the interests of the dictatorship of capital. Evidently, despite the capitalist propaganda, democracy and capitalism don’t go hand in hand- in fact, China has done better without any kind of pluralistic political democracy, Kuhn informs us. The old Cold War Warriors and ideologues have retired from the game- now, its no longer neccesary to even ideologically defend democracy as central in a capitalist system, or that the capitalist system plays a role in the emergence of democracy. For China’s capitalists are even more efficient, dynamic, and, if it could possibly be concieved, even more ruthless than their Western counterparts. And publications like the Economist and the Financial Times like nothing better than to slobber all over the Communist Party of China. In this world of crazy contradictions, Kuhn defends the Communist Party of China, as a socialist I denounce it and the Chinese ruling class in general for their authoritarianism, inhumanity, and brutality, while Marx rolls in his grave once again at the disgusting travesty made of his name and his radically democratic, emancipatory, and libertarian ideas.

‘The rights of one are as sacred as the rights of a million’ remarked American socialist Eugene V Debs. The ruling classes of this world, whatever garb or name they may like to attach to themselves, are being forced to remember that by the emergence of the worldwide Occupy movement. All for one, one for a million. An injury to one is an injury to all!

A twisting tale of a former Vietnamese Trotskyist

For anybody interested in revolutionary figures, this previously unknown figure in a new book reveals much about the contradictions of modern Vietnamese history, and he provides a radical perspective that never compromises on human freedom, dignity, and justice. Read a review here. Solidarity Forever.